Harry Potter Show of Pakistani Politics | PMLN Offer Talks to Imran Khan & Actual Plans about Imran?

How serious is Shahbaz Sharif in his offer of talks to Imran Khan? Dawn and Tribune headlines, perhaps coming from APP, Govt controlled News Agency, send a very positive image of Shahbaz Sharif as a statesman very interested to strike all sorts of compromises in larger national interest, bu the one hour long press conference merely mentions the talk offer in less than 2 minutes and those two minutes also carried negative insulting comments. Contrast the Dawn and Tribune headlines with actual press conference; I provide you the links here to make your own judgement.
PM Shahbaz expresses willingness for talks with opposition – Dawn
Tribune’s headline is even more demeaning to Imran Khan
PM signals readiness to forgive and forget
But watch the tone and tenor of the actual one hour long press conference of Shahbaz Sharif with his four cabinet ministers; talks find mention between 44.30 and 46 minutes.
PM Shahbaz Sharif and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar Press Conference – courtesy, 24 News TV Channel

So what is the actual agenda of PMLN? When will they be actually ready for elections?
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